Saturday 24 July

Traditional Greek Dances – DOLOPES Greek Dance and Folklore Study Association
A tribute to 200th Anniversary of the Greek Revolution
Supervision: Yorgos Koniaris
Texts-narration: Thelgi Katahanaki


Saturday 31 July

Piano Recital

Grigorios Zamparas
A tribute to L.v. Beethoven’s 250th anniversary
: Sonata op. 53, no. 21 (“Waldstein”) & works by F. Chopin, F. Liszt, M. Hadjidakis, Y. Konstantinidis

In cooperation with S.F.I.P. (“Friends of Portoheli” Society)

Monday 2 August

Piano Recital
Aulon Bino in works by F. Chopin, R. Schumann & F. Liszt
«‘It’s Women who will bring the change’, say the enlightened ones» Presentation: Ioanna Mari


Tuesday 3 August

Chamber Music with OPUS I trio

Dimitris Semsis violin
Dimitra Mantzouratou piano
Georgia Kyprou cello
in works by J. Haydn, J.N. Hummel, A. Arensky


Wednesday 4 August

Young Artists Concert I

Kalliopi Rigou & Aimilios Bartzis violin
Piano accompaniment: Dimitra Mantzouratou, Grigorios Zamparas

Thursday 5 August

  • Piano Recital
    Pyrros Marmatakis
    in works by D. Scarlatti, F. Liszt, M. Mussorgsky

    «A Bouquet of Poems» & «Loneliness»
    Agathi Arvanitaki presents her poetry collections

Friday 6 August

Young Artists Concert II

Dallis Williams & Brandon Dye violin
Tiffany Eady cello,
Ermis Koulamas & Filaretos Vrettos piano
Piano accompaniment: Shanna Thompson & Aulon Bino


Saturday 7 August

Cello & Piano

Scott Kluksdahl cello
Grigorios Zamparas piano
in works by F. Chopin, L.v. Beethoven

Sunday 8 August

A Concert for two ancient lyras

Nikos Xanthoulis
Roza Fragkorapti

Monday 9 August

Traditional Percussions Concert

Gerasimos Siassos Music Ensemble

Tuesday 10 August

“Greece Leads the Dance”
A tribute to the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution
Mezzo soprano Elena Maragkou in songs by greek composers of the 19th and 20th century.

Piano accompaniment: Dimitris Giakas

Wednesday 11 August

Young Artists Concert III

Dallis Williams & Brandon Dye violin
Tiffany Eady & Scott Kluksdahl cello,
Ermis Koulamas & Shanna Thompson piano

Thursday 12 August

Andreas Kalvos’ “Odes” converse with works of great composers associated with the spirit and the freedom of people.
A tribute to the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution
Recitation from members of the Ermionida Theatre Group
At the piano Grigorios Zamparas

Music Pedagogy

2nd Piano Conference
August 2-5 (17:00-19:00)

conducted by physical presence & teleconference based on Yorgos Manessis’ Piano Pedagogy: “Kinesiology and sound quality”.

Yannis Grigorakis
Grigorios Zamparas
Stefanos Theodoridis

Piano Masterclass
August 2-5 (10:00-12:00)

Grigorios Zamparas 

Young piano students will take classes with Tampa University professor Grigorios Zamparas and will present works to the public at the “Young Artists Concerts” II and III on August 6 and 11, respectively.

Chamber Music Masterclass
August 3-5 (10:00-12:00)

Dimitris Semsis 

Concertmaster of the Athens State Orchestra Dimitris Semsis will train young artists in works by great composers who will present them to the public at the “Young Artists Concert II” on August 6.

Chamber Music Masterclass
August 3-11 (10:00-12:00)

Scott Kluksdahl 

Scott Kluksdahl, professor of cello at the University of South Florida, will prepare Tampa University students in chamber music for the August 11th “Young Artists Concert III”.

Traditional Percussions Masterclass
August 7-9 (10:00-12:00)

Gerasimos Siasos 

Percussion teacher Gerasimos Siasos will hold a workshop in which the technique and interpretation of traditional percussion will be emphasized and along with the musical ensemble consisting of the seminar participants, he will give a concert on August 9th.

Two-day Orchestral Conducting Masterclass
August 8-9 (12:00-13:30)

Augoustina Kapoti 

Conductor Augustina Kapoti will analyze and present the basic principles of the art of orchestral conducting.

Ancient Greek Music Masterclass
August 6-7 (10:00-12:00)

Nikos Xanthoulis
Roza Fragkorapti

A Masterclass for the Ancient Greek Music and not only “3.000 years of Greek Music with the Instrument that Symbolizes Music Art itself”


Family Constellation
August 7-11 (17:00-19:00)

Steffen Andreas Rostock Svendsen 

Family Constellation is about love in relationships, our need to belong, to feel connected and included and how the family system seeks to be whole and complete. The method helps us to gain insight of important dynamics in our family system that may affect us today. Family Constellation use representatives, to include and recognize, to give our love and attention for the healing of what has been missing and excluded. Everyone is welcome to the field of Family Constellation.

Alternative Physical Exercises for Musicians
August 6-10 (8:00-9:00)

Deborah Rodgers


Λογοτυπο Χορηγου-Σύλλογος Φίλων Πορτοχελίου (ΣΦΙΠ)
Λογοτυπο Χορηγου