Synchrono Conservatory of Athens in cooperation with OM.E.DI.PO. Association – responsible for the organization of the International Portoheli Festival Supporting Culture & the Arts – is organizing a piano masterclass with distinguished soloist and professor of Tampa University Dr. Grigorios Zamparas from 11-13 of June 2021.

The Non-profit Organisation for the Study, Research & Dissemination of Culture (OMEDIPO) in collaboration with the ‘Municipality of Ermionida’, the ‘Porto Heli Municipal Community’ and the financial and moral support of the ‘Porto Heli Friends Association’  (SFIP), presents its 32nd International Music and Arts Festival which will take place at the Manessis Estate at Porto Heli, from August 1 to August 13, 2020.

The Festival, which is running its 32nd consecutive year, was founded in 1988 by the pianist and music educator Yorgos Manessis. The Festival encompasses a wide range of artistic and musical events, featuring both internationally acclaimed and emerging artists from all over the world.

Music Courses & Performances

The festival is open to the public –free of charge- and offers the participants a selection of courses/seminars, also free of charge, as well as the opportunity to collaborate, interact and perform with renowned musicians, artists and educators.

Some of the regular professors and educators who run the seminars include:

  • Dr. Grigorios Zamparas, internationally acclaimed soloist and piano professor at the University of Tampa, Florida.
  • Yannis Grigorakis, choir master, music theory professor and piano instructor, Professor of the “Ecclesiastical School of Piraeus”.
  • Stefanos Theodoridis, researcher on music pedagogy, author and translator of numerous books on the history, methods and advancements in music pedagogy and education.


The Festival hosts renowned Greek and foreign artists from nine different countries

The Events

‘Piano Recital’ with Dr. Grigorios Zamparas

‘Chamber Music’ with cello professor Scott Kluksdahl (08/08)

‘Chamber Music’ with the German violinist of the Scholars of the Bavarian State Opera Orchestra, David Schultheiss (06/08)

‘Arias’ with the soprano Girgina Girginova and the pianist Ivelina Ivantcheva (Bulgaria) professor at the Pancho Vladiguerov National Academy of Music (07/08)

‘Chamber Music’ with the Cantus non verba ensemble and the Ermioni Choral Workshop under the direction of Yorgos Kogos.

‘Chamber Music’ with the pianist and composer Dariusz Mikulski, the cellist Sergiu Nastasa and the pianist Maria Yavroumis.

Visual Arts

The Festival, in its constant expansion towards novel means of artistic expression, will feature a video site specific installation performance titled: ‘The Anthropometry of a Post-Industrial City’ by the artist and performer Emilia Bouriti (12/08)

Science & Research Society

Within the framework of the Festival there will be presentations by scientists and researchers in various academic fields. Specifically:

“Lawyer and translator at the Council of the European Union and researcher Zoe Xarlis on 08/08 will give a lecture entitled” Ibris and Nemesis Through the Centuries “.

“Former member of the Council of State and honorary president of the Hellenic Society of Prenatal Education Ioanna Maris will give a speech on 05/08 entitled” Mother, educator of humanity”.

“The Clinical Biochemistry and Immunology of Harokopio University Katerina Skenderis Trigakis will give a speech on 14/08 entitled” Mediterranean Diet & Greek Islands “.

“Lawyer and Member of the European Commission (Directorate-General for the Environment) Ms Artemis Hatzis will give a speech on 07/08 entitled” The Breathing Air “.

“Athens Academy Award-winning philosopher Thelgi Katanakis will give a speech on 11/08 entitled” Orpheus: the Cell of the Greek Soul “.

“The philosopher Sophia Krimitza will give a speech on 08/08 entitled” Pythagorean Life “.

“The Dance Expression and Folklore Study Club of Dolopes curated by choreographer Giorgos Koniaris will present on 03/07 Greek traditional dances from Epirus, the Cyclades, the Dodecanese and Pontos.

“Norwegian Steffen psychologist Andreas Rostock Svendsen will conduct a Family Constellation Workshop from 05-12 / 08.

The International Portocheli Festival of Art & Culture is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Sport in cooperation with the Municipality of Ermionida and the Portocheli Municipal Community.


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