“Heritage & Memory” Tribute IΙI to the 100th Anniversary of the Asia Minor Catastrophe Tassis Christoyannis songs Martha Tompoulidou narratives Nikos Platyrachos piano

Program Notes

An evening of testimonies, songs and texts that come from Minor Asia. They were born in those places when all people lived together without communal or national differences. Love and pain have no national identity. It is the life of every man and every man narrates it and sings it in his heart. Politics and economic interests divide and alienate people. Music and art unite them. Songs and melodies travelled from the other side of the Aegean to Greece, took root, blossomed, gave new fruits, uniting generations and places. Baritone Tassis Christoyannis with traditional songs of Smyrna and Constantinople, as well as memories and Asia Minor origins of Tsitsanis, Vamvakaris, Platyrachos e.t.c., actress Martha Tompoulidou with excerpts from Ilias Venezis’ “Aeolian Land”, Dido Sotiriou’s “Bloody Lands”, e.t.c. and the composer Nikos Platyrachos on the piano bring this living legacy to the present day.

Biographical Notes

Regarded as one of the finest baritones of his generation, admired for his acting skills and his musicality, Athens born Tassis Christoyannis studied piano, singing, conduct in and composition at the Athens Conservatory, before going on to specialise in the Italian repertoire with the baritone Aldo Protti. After several years as a member of the Greek National Opera in Athens, he joined the Deutsche Oper am Rhein in Düsseldorf, where he took major roles in works by Monteverdi, Mozart, Rossini, Verdi, Puccini and others. Now freelance, he sings the principal baritone roles in Italian, French and Russian works at opera houses and festivals all over Europe, including Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Geneva, Glyndebourne, Brussels, Amsterdam, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Frankfurt, etc. Tassis Christoyannis is also much in demand for his skills as a song recitalist and he have a large number of recordings and awards specially in French music.

Martha Tompoulidou is a graduate of Greek Philology, the Drama School of Athens and a Fulbright Fellow. She has collaborated with notable directors in Epidaurus, the Herodion and all over the world. She participated with the National Theater of Greece in world tours of ancient drama. She has signed theatrical adaptations of classical works at the Megaron Concert Hall. She played and directed works of Greek and foreign drama in New York. She appeared in different analogio festivals next to the  internationally acclaimed baritone Tassis Christoyannis. She taught Acting to the Youth of the Opera of the National Opera and directed Mozart’s opera “La Clemenza di Tito”. She is in charge of Melodrama Class at the Hellenic Conservatory.

Nikos Platyrachos studied piano and advanced music theory at the National Conservatory of Athens, followed by composition studies under Hans Werner Henze, completing his postgraduate studies at the Studio of Electronic Music in Cologne. He has written music for over 30 Greek and European films and has won awards at Greek and international film festivals. He collaborated with Manos Xatzidakis in editing and orchestrating works for the Orchestra of Colors. He writes music for theatre as well as symphonic works that are performed and recorded by various European musical ensembles (Bavarian Radio Orchestra, Czech Symphony Orchestra, e.t.c.). In Greece his works have been presented, among others, at the Herod Atticus Odeon and the Athens Concert Hall. His personal discography lists nine CD’s in Greece and abroad.

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Aug 16 2022


9:15 pm


Manessis Estate


Group of Study, Research & Diffusion of Culture (OMEDIPO)

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