Traditional Greek Dances – DOLOPES Greek Dance and Folklore Study Association

A tribute to 100th Anniversary of the 1922 Minor Asia Catastrophe

Supervision: Yorgos Koniaris
Texts-narration: Thelgi Katahanaki


Dolopes is an active association with branches in Metamorfosi and Ilioupoli. It has also hosted numerous parties, performances, seminars and cultural excursions.

The Dolopes Dance Expression & Folklore Study Association, with Yorgos Koniaris as President and Dance Teacher, has been curating for a number of years, with joy and dedication, the opening events of the International Portoheli Festival.


Thelgi Katahanaki studied at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Athens, firstly History-Archeology and then French Philology. She worked at the Historical & Ethnological Society of Greece as curator of the Modern Greek Historical Archive, where she prepared a dissertation on French philhellenism (“Favier in Greece”) to be submitted to the University of Aix-en-Provence in France. She was awarded by the Academy of Athens for her participation in the monumental publication “Seals of Freedom”. She served 27 years in public secondary education as a philologist. She also gives lectures on historical, folklore, philosophical topics and guides Greeks as well as foreigners to Greek venues and museums. In the context of the dance performance of the “Dolopes” Dance Association, she will write and present historical narrations related to the Greek Revolution of 1821.


The event is finished.


Jul 23 2022


9:15 am


Manessis Estate


Όμιλος για την Μελέτη Έρευνα & Διάχυση του Πολιτισμού

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